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Year 10    
Subject Details of the task Completed by


Dylunio Cynnyrch

Explain the importance of considering social, economic and environmental factors when designing.



Bwyd a Maeth


A vegetarian diet can often lack protein, iron and vitamin B12. Suggest ways in which

these nutrients could be included in dishes on the restaurant menu.

Your answer needs to-

·         Suggest suitable dishes

·         State which nutrient they include

·         Explain why the body needs that nutrient.

·         Contain dishes that include all the nutrients stated in the question (Not all at once)



Finish assignments 2 and 3 and hand in on google classroom. You will need to check spelling and the content of the work.




Complete assignment 2 - Unit 2. You will need to hand it in on Google Classroom. You will need to check then content carefully and explain each choice.



A a B

Complete the Unit 3 reading tasks set by your teacher.



Complete the booklet that contains a mixture of procedural and reasoning questions


Addysg Gorfforol TGAU 

Complete training diaries 





Write a biography of your (imagined) character, noting background, class, age, interests, objectives and barriers. 




Revise and prepare for end of theme 1 test: Physical processes and landforms.

- 17/10 

-  18/10

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