Ysgol Ardudwy

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Code of Conduct

This code has been drawn up for your safety and welfare, to enhance your education and to ensure the school runs effectively. What you learn and how you behave during your time affects the rest of your life.

  • Be punctual to school and your lessons, correctly dressed in the official school uniform and ensure you have all you require for the lessons. Keep your coat in your locker – outdoor clothing is not permitted inside school.
  • This school values good manners and sensible behaviour at all times, so

            -           do not use foul language

            -           do not take what does not belong to you

            -           do not hit, threaten or bully anyone

            -           do not damage school property or that of others

  • Take pride in the school by keeping both inside and outside of the building clean.
  • Never leave the school without permission, and keep to the designated paths when arriving/leaving school.
  • It is an offence to bring cigarettes, electronic cigarettes, alcohol, illegal drugs and weapons on the school campus.
  • For health and safety reasons cigarettes, mobile telephones, personal stereos, iPod and MP3 players are not allowed in school. If a pupil is found in possession of a phone/iPod/MP3 player parents will have to come to the school to claim the item. If this happens again the school will keep the item until the end of the half term. If there is a specific reason why a pupils needs a phone before/after school arrangements can be made for the phone to be handed in at the School Office first thing in the morning and to be collected at the end of the school day.
  • The recording of any event in school without permission is forbidden.
  • Offensive and unpleasant statements about pupils and staff on websites are forbidden.

In lessons

  • Do all that is requested of you by staff.
  • Apply yourself well to your work.
  • Be courteous to others and do not shout out or do anything to disturb others.
  • Eating is not allowed.

Moving around the school

  • Walk sensibly showing consideration to others.
  • Walk on the left in the corridors, no more than two abreast, avoiding unnecessary noise.

You are a representative of Ysgol Ardudwy and you are expected to understand and obey this code at all times in school and when travelling to and from school. You will be punished if you break these basic rules.

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